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This is a tourney for 32 of the top 100 ranked players on ks.The 32 players will be divided in 8 groups of 4 players.In this group they will play the others 2 times.One player will choose the map and the other will place first.In the second game this will switch.To keep the tourney moving I want the map to be 150x150 or smaller.When you win you get 1 point when you lose you get no points.When all games are finished the 2 who have the most points will move on.
If 2 players have the same points I will pick a map and be an observer so both can get in first.The winner of this game moves on.The next round 16 are left and the above will be repeated.
The final 4 players will also do the same as above and the 2 with the most points in the final will agree on a map and an observer will join to give both a chance to get in first.The winner of this game is the tourney winner.To sign up,report your wins or ask questions go to the message board at the bottom of this page.

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