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SINDRE (the viking)

In the sixth century C.E.Scandinavia went through many cultural and social changes.Although some of these changes became permanent,one peaked in the 11th century and ended in the 15th.This was the warrior class and in scandinavia it was known as the Hirth.To become a Hirthman a candidate had to meet certain requirements of bravery,loyalty,and great competency in the use of more than one weapon.A special division of the Hirth was known as the Berserks.Prior to battle as part of
the berserks religious rituals a potion was imbibed.This would make the berserk fearless and crazy.Rushing madly against the enemy the berserks would often have the effect that the opposing forces would flea in terror.The potion numbed the berserks nervous system.This made him capable of Ignoring blows,running through a wall of flames or even losing a limb.These ancient warriors are represented by Sindre.
Brave in Battle.
Loyal to the alliance.
Skilled with any mk strategy.
Making the enemy surrender in terror of his good skills.
Ignoring flames on the flameboard

Private lover(KeithR)
Big Shadow(herkules)

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