Hall of Death
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this is where we show who our mighty clan has killed


Sindre= 26
Ironman= 1
Overwhelmed: 1


Metal-knight G-Money Rough Riders
General Raskolnikov The last humans
Major Wizzard Rough riders
Captain Frank Masters of MK
Captain Halfbee Lost souls
Captain Spanky Lost souls
Captain Firstknight Bloodhounds
Lieutenant Snake eye Lock'N'Load
Sergeant K-Dawg Bloodhounds
Corporal 2531 The last humans
Corporal Ckc Masters of MK
Soldier Shante Diplomatic immunity
Soldier Kilroy Project X
Recruit Shadowmaster The platoon
Recruit Black Shadow The platoon
Recruit GeneralMike Passwordisgoku
Recruit Ryan Password is goku
Recruit Hoser Lords of Pestilence
Recruit Kidder Diplomatic Immunity
Recruit Billebob Evil Empire
Recruit Conman X Project X
Recruit Gozer Evil Empire
Recruit Thorgrimm The secret order
Recruit Flyby The secret order
Cadet Topazrager Budo
Cadet Dark-Templar password is pika


Recruit Hawk97 Masters of Mk


Corporal Capt.haans 7 deadly sins

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